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About Us



Have you ever wondered how companies make decisions on what colors they should make their products? Which ad they should show for a great new product? Gathering consumer opinions is the foundation of how many of the products and services that you use every day were created! Opinions are so important to companies that they are willing to pay members for their opinions and insights.






We are proud to say that the ZoomPanel membership has completed hundreds of thousands of online surveys, helping businesses create new products, services and entertainment, while influencing the outcome of countless important decisions. All of us at ZoomPanel work to make sure that every single member has the best experience possible.

To stand behind that commitment to our members, we have a world class Member Care team that works around the clock to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience. Don't believe us? We even have a phone number that you can call so that you can have a discussion with a real human being, no robots or automated voicemails. We are all incredibly proud of the experience we provide and because of our quality, we have some of the most loyal, and incredible members out there. We strive every day to be everyones preferred method of survey taking and continue to improve with each day.

Welcome to ZoomPanel!

We wanted to let you know that it is our daily goal to make participating in surveys fun, interesting and most importantly rewarding! That's why we promise to provide 3 main things

Clear and honest communication

Every communication you will receive from us explains what is needed, how much time it will take and how much you will earn.

Fast rewards

We've eliminated the long wait for checks in the mail. After you complete a survey, rewards are instantly loaded into your personal account. You can keep track of your balance and cash out from our easy-to-use Member Center.

24/7 customer service

We are passionate about taking care of you! If you need an answer, we want to hear from you. Our Member Services team is always available to help.

ZoomPanel is one of the leading online survey communities that we operate with pride. All of our survey communities are designed to offer exceptional and rewarding member experiences that are second to none.

We wanted to opportunity to thank you as we personally value the time and cooperation of every member who takes time to participate on our surveys. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us a personal email.

We hope to see you taking surveys soon!